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Enfamil Gentlease Gentle Infant Formula, Ready to Use, 2 Fluid Ounce Nursette Bottle, 6 Count (Pack of 4) Baby - V15LYIH3D

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  • Clinically shown to reduce fussiness, gas and crying in just 24 hours*

  • The #1 pediatrician-recommended formula for fussy, gassy babies

  • It has partially broken-down proteins. A gentle start for sensitive tummies

  • Vitamin E, an important nutrient found in breast milk that promotes the developing immune system

  • Convenient Ready-to-Use Bottles

  • Enfamil Gentlease is designed to ease fussiness, gas and crying in 24 hours, while providing nutrition for healthy development to help babies reach key milestones

  • Enfamil Gentlease has a Gentle Start for Sensitive Tummies

  • Feeding Issues are Common – and Manageable. Many feeding issues are simply a sign that your baby’s digestive system is developing. That’s why fussiness, gas and crying are common at feeding time. Sometimes a change in formula can make all the difference. Enfamil Gentlease is an easy-to-digest formula designed to ease fussiness, gas and crying within 24 hours – while still providing the brain-nourishing nutrition your baby needs to reach her milestones. Tips to reduce Fussiness, Gas and Crying: Keep your baby in an upright position when feeding – and for a short time afterwards. Burp your baby after every 2-3 fluid ounces. Feed your baby smaller amounts of formula. If your baby is hungry and crying, calm her before feeding to prevent her from gulping air. Instructions: Instructions for Preparation & UseYour baby's health depends on carefully following the instructions below. Proper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use and storage are important when preparing infant formula. Powdered infant formulas are not sterile and should not be fed to premature infants or infants who might have immune problems unless directed and supervised by your baby's doctor. Ask your baby's doctor which formula is appropriate for your baby.Ask your baby's doctor about the need to use cooled, boiled water for mixing and the need to boil clean utensils, bottles and nipples in water before use.{1} Wash hands thoroughly with soap & water before preparing formula.{2} Pour desired amount of water into the bottle. Add powder.{3} Cap bottle and shake well.Use the chart below for correct amounts of water and powder. Use scoop in tub to measure powder. Store dry scoop in lid holder.To make++ 2 fl. oz. bottle, use 2 fl. oz. water with 1 unpacked level scoop of powder (8.7g).To make++ 4fl. oz. bottle, use4fl. oz. water with2unpacked levelscoopsof powder (17.4g).To make++ 8fl. oz. bottle, use8fl. oz. water with4unpacked levelscoopsof powder (34.8g).++Each scoop adds about 0.2 fl. oz. to the amount of prepared formula.

    Enfamil Gentlease Gentle Infant Formula, Ready to Use, 2 Fluid Ounce Nursette Bottle, 6 Count (Pack of 4) Baby - V15LYIH3D